Garmin Reactor 40 Hydraulic Corepack W/Smartpump V2 & Ghc 20 Display

Product Description Garmin Reactor 40 Hydraulic Corepack W/Smartpump V2 & Ghc 20 Display The Most Responsive Autopilot System on the Water Solid-state 9-axis Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) mounts in any orientation Minimal heading error, course deviation, rudder movement and power consumption with a more comfortable ride Minimal commissioning and calibration One compact, brushless SmartPump v2 fits most hydraulically steered boating applications Shadow Drive™ technology keeps you in control, even when autopilot is engaged With a complete package designed for powerboats and sailboats, Garmin brings an advanced marine technology to the boating public that was once only available for commercial boats. The Reactor 40 autopilot series is simply the most responsive autopilot system we have ever offered. Experience the ultimate hydraulic autopilot performance when paired with the one-size-fits-most, high-reliability, brushless SmartPump v2. Solid-state 9-axis AHRS With its advanced solid-state 9-axis AHRS, you can mount Reactor 40 nearly anywhere, in any orientation. In addition, this new system greatly minimizes heading error, course deviation, rudder movement and power consumption while providing a comfortable ride for all on board. Reacts to Conditions This amazing autopilot actually reacts to the sea to hold your course. Even when the boat is pitching and rolling, you can remain confident that the Reactor 40 autopilot will keep you on your desired course. Minimal Commissioning and Calibration All autopilots require commissioning and calibration - all of them. We know you just want to get on the water, so we made this process as fast and easy as possible. That's the power of simple. Full Integration with Garmin Chartplotters You have full control of Reactor 40 from the chartplotter display. Combined with a compatible Garmin networked chartplotter and BlueChart® g2 Vision® charts, you can enjoy optional features such as Auto Guidance1, which automatically steers GPS paths. One SmartPump v2 Is the Easy Solution The Reactor 40 autopilot with SmartPump v2 puts an end to guessing which pump size will work with your particular boat. One SmartPump v2 works for most boats; for optimum control and confidence, you'll know you have the right pump for your boat. Plus, you get complete control in a smaller size with better thermal performance, higher reliability and lower power consumption. It also includes color-coded connectors to make it very easy to install. Pretty smart. Limit the Maximum Flow Rate Reactor 40 with SmartPump v2 automatically adjusts the maximum flow rate for a particular boat from 0 to 2.4 L per minute. It also uses a brushless motor, which provides increased reliability, longer pump life, reduced power consumption, quiet operation, a smaller package, improved thermal performance and higher efficiency. Eliminate Risk of Rudder "Hard Over" The Reactor 40 autopilot with SmartPump v2 is a complete autopilot package. SmartPump v2 is a single integrated unit comprised of a motor drive circuit with the pump in a single assembly. Equipped with Intelligent Rudder Rate Technology (IRRT), it slows the rudder rate when the vessel is at high speeds and speeds up rudder rate when the vessel is at lower speeds to provide optimal performance and safety in all conditions. The brushless motor drive eliminates the risk of rudder "hard over" due to hardware or software failures. Enjoy a Longer Lasting System Boating environments are harsh, especially on saltwater. So our SmartPump v2 is protected from the elements. SmartPump v2 is engineered from corrosion-resistant components, including anodized aluminum and nickel-plated steel parts.

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