Cruise 10.0R Electric Outboard, Short Shaft, Remote Steering

Torqeedo's Cruise 10.0 delivers smooth, powerful performance as the flagship of the Cruise series. Fast and powerful, the motor was designed to feature the easy handling of a 48V system while delivering the thrust of a 20 hp combustion outboard. The Cruise 10.0R is ideally equipped to meet the challenges of daily use, and it features all the advantages of a Torqeedo high-tech drive system. Key Features 12kW peak output, 10kW continuous output – powerful propulsion comparable to a 20hp combustion engine Minimum weight with maximum performance Intelligent onboard computer and the full convenience of a Torqeedo electric drive system Very robust design – corrosion-protected, seawater-capable and completely waterproof (IP67) Operates with a remote battery bank, lithium or AGM/lead acid batteries Two-year limited warranty Specifications Input Power: 10,000W Voltage: 48V Output Power: 5,600W (20hp equivalent propulsive power; 25hp equivalent thrust) Static Thrust: 315lb. Shaft Length: 15"”L Remote Control: Yes (remote throttle) Battery Type: External (sold separately) Max. Propeller Speed: 1,400rpm Steering Type: Provision to connect to standard remote steering; lockable Tilt: Electrohydraulic tilt device with overload protection (+-65°) Trim: Manual, four-step Weight: 135.1lb. For complete information please contact us at Specs : Cruise 10.0R Electric Outboard, Short Shaft, Remote Steering Name : Value Battery Life : 48 Minutes Full-Throttle 8 Hours 20 Minutes Slow Speed Best Use : Cruise Comparable Horsepower : 20 Horsepower Features : Remote Capable Input Power : 10000 Watts Length : 15 Inches Output Power : 5600 Watts Thrust : 315 Pounds Type : Cruise Outboards Voltage : 48 Volts DC Warranty Details : Two Years Weight : 132 Pounds

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