Especial Semarang Cruises Ship Tours Package to Borobudur temple from Port / Harbour

Especial Semarang Cruises Ship Tours Package to Borobudur temple from Port / Harbour dari SPOORINDO-TOURS

Oleh: SPOORINDO-TOURS  19/09/2012
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Cruises Ship Tours from Semarang Port, Borobudur Tours from Semarang Port, Semarang Port to Borobudur Tours, Cruises Ship Tours to Borobudur. Semarang city is located in the Central Java province, Indonesia. Geographically Semarang is located between 6 degrees 50 ‘- 7 degrees 10′ south latitude and a line 109 degrees 35 ‘- 110 degrees 50′ East Longitude. Semarang has a uniqueness that is not found in other areas, because there are two parts. Top Semarang a relatively cool temperature, and Down Semarang a relatively hot temperature. We pick you up at Semarang harbor when tour cruise ship dock. Depart to visit Borobudur Temple : The greatest buddhist monument in the world was built in 8 century. We will pass [not visit to] Watu Gong : Buddhist monastery for ritual ceremony and every year will be held holy ceremony in the eight roofed pagoda. Ungaran District : Many kind of modern factory such as : Textile, beverage, plastic, snack etc. Proceed to visit Ambarawa Old Train Museum : There are 21 old steam trains in the museum and mostly production of Esslingen, Henschel, Hartmann Chemnitz [Germany] and operated by Dutch in Indonesia. Old train museum is one location with William I train station in Ambarawa and the train was found in 1873 by Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatscappij [NISM]. Riding Mini Train: Try riding mini train or lori train from Ambarawa to Tuntang is a new experience. Lunch served at local restaurant. Return back to your cruise ship. End of service.

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