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HISTORY Of Yogyakarta.Yogakarta is a province-level autonomous regions, one of 26 regional Level I in Indonesia. The province is its capital in Yogyakarta, a city rich in predicate, both derived from the historical and existing potential, such as the city struggles, culture town, university town, and city tourism. According to the Chronicle Gianti, Yogyakarta or Yogyakarta (Java language) is the name given Pakubowono II (king of Mataram in 1719 to 1727) as a replacement name pesanggrahan Gartitawati. Means that Kerta Yogyakarta Yogya, Yogya a prosperous, while the mean Yogya Ngayogyakarta the prosperous and the most important. Another source said the name derived from the name of Yogyakarta (capital) city of Ayodhya in the Sanskrit epic Ramayana.
  The term describes tourism as the city of Yogyakarta province in glasses potenssi tourism. Yogyakarta is the second largest tourist destination after Bali. Various types of tourism developed in this region, such as nature tourism, historical tourism, cultural tourism, educational tourism, even, more recently, tourist nights.

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