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Oleh: Regina holiday  12/02/2011
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Thank's for visiting my site.

      Let us introduce ourselves; we are tour and travel. We are one of a business entity that engages in service activities of tour and travel.
is one among many tourism services provided in . With our experience that has a long work experience in tour and travel, we try to stand on its own by establishingas the name of our corporation.

      You will get a flexible with combining culture, nature and adventure travel. Moreover it will become so interesting and impressing. To organize the tour, we provide flexible for short-term or long-term period, for individual or group tour. Furthermore you will be accompanied by reasonable drivers and tour guides that able to speak English. They areprofessional with extensive knowledge of geography, history, local customs, culture and religion. We provide our guides with comprehensive about their groups so your will be remembered as "Indonesiaunmemorable experience". You not only run-of-the-mill sightseeing tour like others but you also can arrange your own programs according to your taste.

      You can find and see the local people that are and it will be the main attraction. With experience drivers and guides as well as the luxury vehicles of Regina holiday, we will drive to a destination. The destination is the capital city of Indonesia such as "Jakarta", Bogor, Bandung (Paris van Java), these have marvelous places for example (village of the fishermen) and Batu Raden. In Wonosobo, there are Hindu temple areas and the active crater atu. You will also find (one of the world's cultural heritage) in that has unique culture of Java, Merapi Volcano (one of the active volcano in the world), the palace of Solo or Surakarta (older brother of Yogyakarta). In East Java lies Sarangan Lake located on the slopes of Lawu Mountain with its scenery. The others beautiful places are Mount Bromo, Ijen and sulfur miners.  And of course we do not forget the island of Bali with its.

For further information and details you can call us  . It is available in 24 hours every day. We are looking forward to your reply and we’ll serve the best for you.

Lets enjoy your jurney with us.

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