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GPS TRACKING ANDROID Our tracking applications can be uploaded into mobile phones running Google’s Android operating system. The app enables you to: Locate you staff from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Record times at which staff clock in or out of specific locations Record accurate billing for callout time, distance travelled, or hours spent on location. When you log into your GlobalTrackindo GPS User Account, you can view all this information in easy-to-read formats. As GlobalTrackindo GPS Tracking provide a web-based system, hosted on and storing data securely on servers, there is no need for you to install, download or update any software. Benefits of Using Mobile Phone Trackers As GPS tracking technologies may be new in your business, it’s important to outline exactly what the tracking system does and explain its benefits to all staff members. This way, people can be reassured that what they do outside of work remains private and that it is only the company’s assets (vehicles and phones) that are tracked. By tracking these, the business overall benefits from: Better efficiency in the office and on the road Improved personal security for staff working at night, in remote locations or in hazardous environments Measurable KPIs and proof of jobs completed Identification of cost-saving opportunities Provision of better and more accurate customer service, reports and communication. Less paperwork through the automation of payroll and timesheets by using the tracking system to record when staff arrive or depart locations. Untuk Informasi lebih lanjut silahkan hubungi 081226677805 (TELKOMSEL) 0817461168 (XL ) Pin BB:20D6AAB2 E-Maill: [email protected]

Kata kunci: gps android, gps marketing, gps sales,

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