2012 Scott Scale 29 Pro Bike

2012 Scott Scale 29 Pro Bike dari ROUTE CYCLE SHOP

Oleh: ROUTE CYCLE SHOP  04/10/2012
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Technology IMP3- Integrated Molding Process Scott's engineers have developed IMP3™, the newest technology applied to carbon production. The toptube, headtube and down tube are produced in a single step using a top-secret process. Scott's proprietary process allows for lighter construction by removing 11% of the material from the headtube intersection while increasing strength by utilizing high modulus stressed fibers for more precise fiber placement in critical areas. To compliment the IMP™ process, Scott's frames benefit from their Naked External Tubeset™ which eliminates the cosmetic carbon layer to shave precious grams. Stiffness The new Scale dispels the myth that a light bike cannot be stiff. Due to a targeted layup structure in high stress areas, the use of the PFBB30/PFBB92 standards, and the incorporation of a tapered head tube, SCOTT has achieved results in proportion to weight that have not previoulsy been attained. Comparison of the old Scale vs. the new Scale Steering area Stiffness + 10% Bottom bracket Stiffness + 15% Bottom bracket Stiffness + 10% Scott always measure and test all Scott's frames in their laboratories. The accrued data base has been used to validate the computer analyses, which were key in optimizing the new Scale by: reducing maximum material stress mitigating stress concentrations evaluating stiffness and deformation Press Fit Bottom Bracket By implementing PFBB30 standards, bonded alloy pieces are no longer utilized to install threaded bottom brackets, saving 30 grams of frame weight and increase stiffness. Tubular Structure One carbon piece tubular seatstay, chainstay & dropout combined with Direct Postmount 160 to shed an additional 25 grams. = Homogeneous structure (less material, optimized performance, less weight SCDS SCOTT Carbon Dropout System SCDS uses a carbon fiber dropout with a replaceable alloy hanger. A lightweight, precise and durable alloy disc brake mount improves heat distribution while braking. Carbon chain stays with integrated carbon dropout shave additional grams from the complete bike. Found on the Spark, Scale, Genius, full Addict road range.

Kata kunci: mountain bike, Sepeda