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Oleh: SEA-LOG  26/08/2010

SEA LOG is experts in intermodal transport, handling “door to door” shipping with seamless integration.Rail appears like a full truckload, door-to-door service. A rail container is delivered by truck to the shipper’s dock for loading. Once loaded, the container is picked up and transported by truck to the nearest rail service centre. The shipment travels via rail to the closest rail ramp, where the rail container is transferred via truck to the final destination.Moving freight throughout Indonesia by an intermodal carrier (rail and truck) speeds delivery and cuts costs, while increasing security and reducing loss. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly because less carbon-based fuel is used. Typical transit time for coast-to-coast delivery is 7 to 10 days, with trains operating on a regularly scheduled service throughout Indonesia. Freight moving by rail is monitored and tracked from origin to destinationSealog has the experience and resources to design an intermodal shipping solution for your specific needs. Call us to speak with an intermodal specialist. Types of modes and models of Railway Service Station-Door (FULL/EMPTY)Door-Station Station-Station (FULL/EMPTY)Door-Station CY-Station (FULL/EMPTY)Door-Station Station-CY(FULL/EMPTY)Door-Station