Ozone Generator

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Ozone Generator

Wattech OZ series Ozone generator

This series of Ozone generator apply transistor gate inverting technology.
 Discharging room is consisted of non-hydroxide crystal tube. There are special  designs to avoid water return. we apply module design technology on electric  board and choose good anti-oxidation components for pipes¡¢connectors and other  parts. These keep Ozone generator OZ series to be long life¡¢big discharge area , low working  temperature and high Ozone concentration.

Ozone generatorFeatures

Air cooling adjustable Ozone generator output.
Special design to avoid water return.
Long life discharge cell, continuous running.
Stainless steel casing.
Two type gas source : compressed air or oxygen.

Ozone generatorComponents
Discharge cell stainless casing  60L air compressor current meter 150 fan

Ozone generator Product series
Ozone generator Wattech OZ-3G – Capacity / output Ozone 3 gram/hour  Price Rp.7.950.000 ,- netto / Ready Stock

Ozone generator Wattech OZ-5G – Capacity / output Ozone 5 gram/hour  Price Rp.13.950.000 ,- netto / Ready Stock

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Kata kunci: Drinking Water System, Ozone Generator

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