Sea Eagle Inflatable 8.10 YT Boat Yacht Tender

Sea Eagle Inflatable 8.10 YT Boat Yacht Tender dari Dhewa Fishing Equipment

Oleh: Dhewa Fishing Equipment  17/04/2012
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Product Description Sea Eagle Yacht Tenders are boats built with a purpose in mind - to give you a comfortable and convenient way to get to your yacht. With the same 1000 denier construction as our Sport Runabouts, the 8.10yt Yacht Tender is more than strong enough to get the job done. Most Yachtsmen want a dinghy that they can easily inflate and deflate. Sea Eagle 8.10yt Yacht Tender can be inflated in just minutes, so it's very easy to get get from your car trunk to the water side. Unlike older slat-floor designs, the Sea Eagle 8.10yt Yacht Tender has a rugged Drop Stitch floor that inflates up to 8 pounds of air pressure. This means you can stand up securely, even in choppy condititions, making boarding a breeze for experienced yachtsmen and newcomers alike. Specification: Interior: 5' 9" x 2' 6" Exterior: 8' 10" x 4' 10" Deflated: 39" x 24" x 9" Tube Diameter: 17" Capacity: 4 persons or 1067 lbs Weight: 59 lbs Chambers: 4 (port, starboard, bow & floor) Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced Seam: Quadruple Overlap Floor: Drop Stitch High Pressure Inflatable Floor Air Valves: Recessed Deluxe One Way Valves Engine Capacity: 5 hp (gas engine) Speed Estimates: 7 mph. with 2 adults & 2.5hp Inflation & Assembly time: 5-7 minutes

Kata kunci: Fishing Boats

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