Sea Eagle 375FC Inflatable FoldCat

Sea Eagle 375FC Inflatable FoldCat dari Dhewa Fishing Equipment

Oleh: Dhewa Fishing Equipment  17/04/2012
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Are you looking to catch more fish? In less time? With less hassle? With the new, patented Sea Eagle FoldCat you can get to more fishing spots than you've ever thought were reachable, Catch more fish Have more fun! Features you won't find in ordinary pontoon boats: Unique Folding Frame Exclusive! Most pontoon boats have a huge, metal frame with tons of parts. The FoldCattm features a unique, patented Folding Frame design that assembles in 5 minutes. Full Floor The FoldCat has a full floor so you have far more useable space than ordinary pontoon fishing boats - and it's a "safety net" that catches gear you may drop. This allows you to carry more fishing tackle and supplies than ordinary pontoon boats. Two Large Inflatable Pontoons: The FoldCat Features super-bouyant 16" pontoons spaced widely apart. The 4'6" beam gives the boat incredible stability as compared to a hard hull boat. Motormount takes up to 3hp: The FoldCattm is a very light boat, with very little drag, and motors very well with an electric outboard. With a 3hp gas engine, the FoldCattm rips along at 8 knots, fast enough to make headway against tides or headwinds. Specification: Exterior: 12' 4" x 4' 6" Deflated: 56" x 21" x 10" Tube Diameter: 16.5" Capacity: 2 Adults or 650 lbs. Weight: 75 lbs. (hull only) Chambers: 2 Independant Air Chambers Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced Seam: Quadruple Overlap Seams Floor: Aluminum slat roll up over full fabric floor Air Valves: Recessed One Way Engine Capacity: 3 hp (45 lbs. max wt.) Speed Estimates: 8-10 mph w/gas, 4-6 mph w/ electric Inflation & Assembly time: 5 min.

Kata kunci: Fishing Boats

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