Sea Eagle 14SC Inflatable SailCat

Oleh: Dhewa Fishing Equipment  17/04/2012
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SAILING is one of those sports that appears simple but which, in reality, is deceptively complicated and difficult to master.That’s why we created the Sea Eagle SeaCat 14sc — the first inflatable sailboat that’s SIMPLE & FUN for beginners and families to sail. Easily strap to the top of an SUV or minivan Super-simple Lateen Rig guarantees sailing success. Other catamaran sailboats’ rigging is a confusing web that no beginner can hope to handle confidently or safely without years of practice and expensive sailing lessons.Unlike other catamaran designs, the SailCat uses a Lateen Rig - the simplest and easiest to use sail rig design around. Just two lines — one to raise the sail and one to trim it — mean new sailors, even pre-teens, return from a day on the waves with smiles on their faces. Specification: Interior: 9' 6" x 5'5" Exterior: 14' x 6'5" Deflated: 78" x 14" x 12" Tube Diameter: 16" Capacity: 4 persons or 1000 lbs. Weight: 135 lbs. Chambers: 2 Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced Seam: Quadruple Overlap Air Valves: Recessed One Way Engine Capacity: 3hp-15" shaft (45 lbs. max weight) Inflation & Assembly time: 12-15 min Wind Rating: 0-25 mph Sail Area: 60 sq ft

Kata kunci: Fishing Boats

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