Quick Die Change, Die clamp, QDC, SR EngineeringSR Eng Hydraulic are hydraulic product who use on Di

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SR Eng Hydraulic are hydraulic product who use on Die Clamp
,Traveling Clamp, Swing Clamp, Rotary Clamp,Die Change Carrying System,Die cushion system etc 
Air/ hydraulic pressure combination technology for automation and laborsaving in production     facilities
SR Engineering are a total engineering company and are proud of our experience of 30 years and excellent results of the development, mainly in the area of Pneumatic/ hydraulic pressure systems. SR Engineering provide advice worldwide for the most suitable systems for our clients' facilities and production lines, using the following technologies :
 Combination of pneumatic/ hydraulic pressure technology
SR Engineering provide safe, simple laborsaving systems taking our clients' needs into consideration. These systems take advantage of the generality and simplicity of pneumatic/ hydraulic pressure and the high output ( non-compressive) of oil pressure.
 Non-leak, long term retention technology for pneumatic/ hydraulic pressure
 SR Engineering use non-leak valves that can retain high hydraulic pressure ( produced by pneumatic pressure) for long time with little energy.
 Applied technology of automation
 For automation, we offer pneumatic/ hydraulic pressure models, electric/ electronic models, and mechanical models.
 SR Engineering provide the most suitable systems from the models mentioned above, concerning many factors such as peculiarity in demand ( i.e. work & process) , as well as safety, handiness and productivity.
 Air-driven hydraulic pump and the unit
 Type or model :
 1.     HI-Lock Unit Series
 •      HU Hi Lock Unit ( The SR pump and the VF vlave units
 are hydraulic units of the set )
 •     HMS Power Unit ( Incorporated with VF vlave units )
 •      VF Valve Units ( Pilot-air-controied non-leak valve )
 •      M-301 Mecanical Valve ( Air hand valve)
 •      SR PUMPS ( SR PUMPS are air-over-hydraulic pumps operated with compressed air )
 -     Directional Control Valve ( air Pilot type )
 -     Directional Control Valve ( Manual type )
 -     Pressure Switch
 -     Relief Valve
 -     Pilot Check Valve ( Hydraulic Pilot Type )
 -     Pilot Check Valve ( Air Pilot Type )
 -     Accumulator
 2.   Die Clamp
 3.     Travelling Clamp
 4.     Swing Clamp
 5.     Rotary Clamp
 6.     Die Change Carrying System
 7.     Die Cushion System
 8.     Knockout System
 9.     Injection Machine Die Change System
 10.     Clamps For Die Casting Machine . 

Kata kunci: Air motor