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You have probably seen advertisements in your local paper for movies playing at a theater near you. Sometimes, the ad will say "Held over" or "Special engagement." What exactly does that mean? And just how do those movies get from the motion picture studio to the theater?

you'll see the path of a film from an idea in someone's head to a movie screen at your local multiplex. You'll learn what the "nut" is, find out the difference between negotiating and bidding, and finally understand why movie popcorn is so expensive!

Here's the path a film usually takes to get to your local theater:

  • You has an idea for a movie.
  • Create an outline and use it to promote interest in the idea.
  • A studio or independent investor decides to purchase rights to the film.
  • People are brought together to make the film (screenwriter, producer, director, cast, crew).
  • The film is completed and sent to the studio.
  • The studio makes a licensing agreement with a distribution company.
  • The distribution company determines how many copies (prints) of the film to make.
  • The distribution company shows the movie (screening) to prospective buyers representing the theaters.
  • The buyers negotiate with the distribution company on which movies they wish to lease and the terms of the lease agreement.
  • The prints are sent to the theaters a few days before the opening day.
  • The theater shows the movie for a specified number of weeks (engagement).
  • People buy a ticket and watch the movie.
  • At the end of the engagement, the theater sends the print back to the distribution company and makes payment on the lease agreement.

From that path, we understand, Beside production, there is another important thing should be well prepared & well planning by the producer, a "non-production" aspect is important supporting aspect for the movie. Many movie maker don't care about that, which finnaly make their film not appreciated well by their prospected target market.

REX-Studio offering that solution, we called " Movie Management Service", the services including:



Responsible for all production aspect :

1. Pre-production planning & Implementation, Budgeting, Casting, Hunting Location & permit, Crew & talent recruitment, scheduling, Breakdown Script      

2. Production planning & Implementation, Controlling & Supervision

3. Post-production planning & Implementation :

                   1. Editing Audio / Video

                   2. Supervision Music Scoring

                   3. Supervision grading, blow-up & duplicating / copy



Advise, Supervise, Asistensi, controlling & Planning every movie managerial activity (Responsible for all non-production aspect ) :             

                        1. Movie Firm

2. Finance

4. Sponsorship

5. Business Development

6. Sales

7. Marketing & Promotion : (Advertising Agency)

8. Publicity (PR Agency)



    1. FIRM                                                                    

Badan Hukum Film (PT), Surat Persetujuan Perubahan Akte, Ijin Usaha Perfilman, Sensor Poster (6 item), Bukti Kepemilikan Film Seluloid, Sensor Film, Surat Referensi Bank, Sensor Trailer                        


Ballance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Cash FLow, Journal, Debt / Purchasing, Income / Sales,Tax, Cheque / Giro / Bank                    

                3. LEGAL                                                                                           

Consorsium Partenership agreement letter, Other agreement letter, fee / commission agreement, Talent/ Artist agreement, sales agreement  / Copyright, crew agreement, etc                            

    4. ADMINISTRATION & OFFICE SUPPORT                                    

Operator, Adiministration, mesenger, Driver, Office Boy, Inventory Stock

                5. SPONSORSHIP

Package Planning & Compensation, Sponsorship proposal, Follow - up, letter of agreement / MOU, Maintain

    6. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT                                                                          

Partnership planning & Compensation, Agrement letter, Follow-up, etc( Booklet, Script Book, Novel, Content Provider )

                7. SALES

Distribution Planning, Sales Proposal, Letter, Presentation, etc. ( Bioskop 21 Dan Non 21, Tv Station, Vcd / Dvd Distributor, Rights Asean (Dalam Proses)   


(Planning & Implementation)

1. ABOVE THE LINE ACTIVITY (Media Strategy)         

                                Media Planning & Media Buying

             2. BELOW THE LINE ACTIVITY       

Printing Material, Merchandise, Copywriting & Photography  


(Planning & Implementation) : 

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