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With over 12 years of experience producing top quality, high profile events, we get it.  Whether it’s creating a brand new concept, scouting the ideal location, designing the best venue plan or simply straightening your banner on event day - we understand that every element of an event impacts your brand and end result.  It is this attention to detail - large and small - that sets us apart from other Event Production companies.

Our Event Production staff has designed and produced events with crowds reaching thousand+ in attendance.  In addition to producing live events, we have extensive experience in working with TV and other media outlets which increase the reach and visibility of our events to your audience.

At REX-STUDIO we understand that your event is a reflection and extension of your brand.  Every detail must be acknowledged and attended to, which equates to a positive and favorable experience for your target audience.  It is these positive experiences that turn regular consumers into brand loyalists, that turn brand loyalists into brand evangelists.  It is our job to guarantee this happens.


REX-STUDIO is a full service Marketing and Event Production agency offering our partners individual service from concept and ideation through complete event production, execution, management and results analysis. Who thinks of this stuff …we do! 

The point is, the team at REX-STUDIO is passionate about events and coming up with ideas that have never been done before.  We’re continually pushing the limits on what’s possible based on our experience and history of turning these ideas into successful events.



is the application of the practice of to the creation and development of and events.

Event Management involves studying the intricacies of the , identifying the , devising the event , planning the and coordinating the aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event.

The industry now includes events of all sizes from the Olympics down to a breakfast meeting for ten business people. Every industry, charity, society and group will hold events of some type/size in order to market themselves, raise money or celebrate.



  • Roadshow,

  • Grand & Soft Launching,

  • Gathering,

  • Exhibition,

  • Forum & Conference (Local & International),

  • Party,

  • Show,

  • Talk Show,

  • Birthday & Anniversary,

  • Corporate Social Responsibility,

  • Tournament & Competition,

  • Bazaar,

  • Inauguration Ceremony,

  • Stake Holder & National Committee Meeting,

  • Family Recreation & Reunion,

  • Workshop & Seminar,

  • Special Event / Promotion Program,

  • games,

  • Education

  • Socialization Program.

Kata kunci: Advertising And Marketing, event