Oleh: Mitra Utama Teknik  09/11/2009
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EVM-2006 Automatic Attendant Yosin EVM 2006  External Disa yang bisa di gunakan di PABX PANASONIC type apa saja dan bisa berfungsi dengan baik secara teknik kami sudah menguasinya, di gunakan di PABX PANASONIC type apa saja yosin suport.
Mitra Utama Teknik akan membantu mengatasi tidak adanya operator dengan yosin
 EVM-200X provides 2 port SLT. Especially its unique mailbox will handle customer' s messages during and after office hours or in the situation when the line is busy. It is a high quality and multi-functional system.
 It is designed to suit most PBX, and provides fast, efficient, and cost effective solution for small / medium sized companies. The EVM is a low power consumption solid-state and diskless design. It results in extremely high reliability and durability, and it is the best choice of supporting equipment on your existing PBX system.
 · Call forwarding
 · Day/ night/ noon/ holiday mode - programmable or remote control
 · Departmental secretary
 · Direct access to voice mail
 · Flexible extension numbering layout up to 9 digits
 · Holiday schedule
 · Multi-lingual voice Prompts
 · No-answer / busy ID detection
 · Single digit extensions
 · Sub-operator
 · User recorded system prompts
 · 4 Levels / 9 single-digit menus and extensions ( EVM2006)
 · Internal notification
 · Programmable notification schedule
 · Time and date stamp on messages
 · Variable message recording time
 · Variable number of messages
 · Administrator password
 · Equipped with recharging function for external back-up battery ( optional)
 · Hook-flash and CPT parameter auto-configuration
 · Remote and on-site programming / recording via telephone
 · Statistical reports: No-answer / Ext. busy / Operator busy / Incoming calls
 · System password
 · System data / voice messages duplicated to any expanding unit
 · Voice instruction

Kata kunci: PABX Panasonic, Voice Mail