CENTRA:PABX PANASONIC KX-TD500 Some Flexible,Expandable,Powerful,Comunication Solution

Oleh: Mitra Utama Teknik  09/11/2009
Kata kunci: PABX Panasonic

CENTRA:The PABX PANASONIC KX-TD500 CENTRA Digital Super Hybrid System has a modular design that
 allows you to tailor the system to meet your customers current and
 future needs. The System consists of two types of components, cabinets
 and plug in expansion cards.
 There are two cabinet types;
 The basic cabinet ( KX-TD500) , which has 14 card slots, two of which are
 dedicated to the Central Processing Unit ( CPU) and the Time Switch
 cards.The 12 remaining are universal card slots.
 The second is the Expansion Cabinet ( KX-TD520) , which has 14
 universal card slots. Up to two expansion cabinets can be added to the
 basic cabinet to reach the maximum system capacity of 512 ports.
 Plug in expansion units are installed in the universal card slots on each
 cabinet. There are several types of plug in expansion cards, each of
 which is designed to connect to specific type telephones, lines from the
 telephone company or to add feature to the system. Each expansion card
 requires a specific quantity of ports in the system. In addition, there is
 a limit to quantity of cards that can be installed on a cabinet or in the
 system. To assist with the configuration of the KX-TD500 system,

Kata kunci: PABX Panasonic