Liquid Floor Hardener, Floor Hardener Cairan

Liquid Floor Hardener, Floor Hardener Cairan dari Findotek

Oleh: Findotek  11/04/2012


Silicate Liquid Hardener JP

This liquid hardener is very suitable for application onto superflat floor as the hardener doesn’t affect the levelness or elevation of concrete floor.

Application is simple – just by spaying onto concrete. Since it is water based hardener, it is non-combustible, non-toxic and no dust problem at application.

After application, the liquid hardener penetrates deeply into both fresh & old concrete floor to react with the calcium to form a hard and dense layer which is up to 3 times more resistant to abrasion than untreated concrete.

This is a high quality product from Japan.

Suitable applications for both indoor and outdoor concrete floors of factory, warehouse, supermarket, shop, cargo terminal, distribution center, etc.

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