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ALUMINIUM CLEANER Supplier | | FLEXI 021 704 77572 dari CV.ANTSON PRIMA

Oleh: CV.ANTSON PRIMA  12/10/2011
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CV.ANTSON PRIMA present wanted to be a partner and a solution of supplying chemical materials for industrial development,especially surface coating and metal pretreatment. We always strive to bring quality products at affordable prices so that it can be a plus factor for the improvement of quality and productivity of our business partners. If you are interested please contact the seller immediately before the other RESELLER:
Mr. Ir.Made Antana. +6221 704 77572, +62877 703 32746, +62812 811 35862
Fax : +6221 824 83406
Taman rahayu regency, blok A11, No.249
Ciketing Udik Bantar gebang Bekasi Timur Indonesia 17153

Kata kunci: bahan kimia, peluang usaha, Supplier