Sandblasting dari PT. Brandon Indonesia

Oleh: PT. Brandon Indonesia  03/08/2011
Kata kunci: SandBlasting, BLASTING, Surface Preparation

   PT. BRANDON INDONESIA in cooperation with PAN ABRASIVES GROUP to support all the materials and equipment blasting and abrasive in surface preparation and finish industries worldwide. PanBlast ™ supplies a complete range of equipment and products from a variety of materials and equipment blasting, abrasive blasting and painting application such as: Abrasive Blasting and Protective Coating Equipment and Accessories as Pressure Blast Pots and Pot Accessories, Suction and Pressure Blast Cabinets, Closed Circuit Blast Machines, Blast Nozzles and Nozzle Holders, Hose and Pot Couplings, Blast Helmets and Accessories, Breathing Air Filters and Accessories, Blast Hose, Abrasive Control Valves, Remote Control Valves and Systems, Operator Safety Equipment, Air and Airless Spray Painting Equipment, Airless Spray Hoses and Spray Tips, Shot Peening Equipment and Accessories. All sizez and types of Abrasive Blasting Media Including : EnviroGrit™ Garnet, QuickCut™ Aluminium Oxide, BrightBlast™ Glass Beads, PanaShot™ Steel Shot, PanaGrit™ Steel Grit.

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