Bank File Development

Oleh: AJC Computer  18/11/2009
Kata kunci: Komputer, servis komputer, Layanan Komunikasi Massa

Follow with need safety with security from product distro Linux tech, we can make Server of File Bank Corporation online.
For this product, every owner can look every activity employe everyday and anywhere or anytime.

About Security, we make step on step otority access for every person.

This product can have intergration with other software or our development product and this is can make a easy to all owner to check every activity all employe.

We give price to all security with price :
            Package A = US$.900 or Rp. 10.000.000,- 
            Package B  = US$.2500 or Rp.25.000.000,- ( Kurs US$.1 = Rp.10.000 )
                                    with include Product PC Intel Processor Technology, Quad Core.

Our Client is : CV. Mizuki International - Cikarang - west Java

All Negotation for client want for this product, can call us on number: 62-21-92007455

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