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Oleh: Villa Domba Niaga Indonesia  25/01/2011
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Let’s us to introduce ourselves, we are vanilla bean producer from Bandung, West Java provinces, Indonesia. We able to provide you with good quality vanilla beans and ground vanilla powder that source from own plantation which adopt integrated farming system in cultivation.

 Our company name is PT. Villa Domba Niaga Indonesia. We focus on the vanilla market for home user customer, wholesale, retail trade, hotel, gourmet bakery and pastry as natural ingredients, food and beverage outlet, potpourri, gelato outlet and restaurant, herbal, natural cosmetics with premium quality and naturopathic recipes. Not only for the local market needs, we able to deliver our vanilla product into customer all over the world such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, US, German, France, Denmark, Australia and UK. 


We only sell quality gourmet vanilla product that source from own plantation that cultivate in without the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides, we adopt integrated farming system at the plantation, therefore we only supply a medium quantity of vanilla per shipment. We concern about top quality for your vanilla creation.

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