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Oleh: vector college  01/06/2011
Kata kunci: Training Komputer

JNCIA-ER Bootcamp (Code: JNPR-01), durasi 4 hari fulltime, half time 16 hari.

Course Outline:

  1. Juniper Networks Enterprise Routers: Juniper Networks Enterprise Routers, Overview of Enterprise Routing Platforms, Architecture and Packet Flow, Model Specifics, Interface Support and Naming, Field-Replaceable Units, Network Management Options
  2. JUNOS User Interfaces: User Interface Options, User Authentication and Authorization, Active and Candidate Configurations, Using the J-Web Graphical User Interface, Using the JUNOS Software Command-Line Interface
  3. Installation and Initial Configuration: Installation Guidelines, Autoinstallation, Rescue and Factory-Default Configurations, Configuration Checklist, Initial Configuration Using J-Web, Initial Configuration Using the CLI, Overview of Interface Configuration, Configuring Interfaces Using J-Web, Lab
  4. Operational Monitoring and Maintenance: Monitoring Platform Operation, Monitoring Interface Operation, Network Utilities, System Logging and Protocol Tracing, License Management, Maintaining JUNOS Software, File System Maintenance and Password Recovery, Lab
  5. Routing Protocols and Policy: Routing Tables and Route Preferences, Routing Policy, J-Web Support for Routing Protocols and Policy, Configuring and Monitoring Static Routing, Interior Gateway Protocols, Configuring and Monitoring RIP, Configuring and Monitoring OSPF, Lab
  6. Services: Overview of Services and Services Architecture, Overview of MLPPP, Configuring and Monitoring MLPPP, Overview of NAT and PAT, Configuring and Monitoring NAT and PAT, Lab
  7. Miscellaneous Features: Introduction to VRRP, Configuring VRRP, Monitoring VRRP Operation, Introduction to DHCP Services, Configuring a DHCP Server, Monitoring DHCP Server Operation, Configuring a DHCP/BOOTP Relay Agent, Monitoring DHCP/BOOTP Relay Operation, Lab
  8. Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting Methodology, Troubleshooting Resources and Tool Kit, Best Practices, Troubleshooting Hardware, Troubleshooting Software, Troubleshooting Interfaces, Troubleshooting Protocols (OSPF), Lab

Kata kunci: Training Komputer