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Bandung Rent Car, Charter, Drop - Bandung Bandara Soekarno Hatta dari

Oleh:  29/03/2012
Kata kunci: Jasa travel dan pariwisata, wisata, Tour or We provide excellent service in car rental / rent a car in Bandung area and reasonable price are combined to achieve our goals is customer satisfaction. Our professional drivers will be your guide you are in Bandung. They will show many nice place, famous resto & cafe and favourite factory outlets in Bandung area. Please call us that we can create your own vacation maximized 4. The tour is up to the guests or the guests can choose one of our tours : Bandung Package1 (BDO1): • Lembang Area to see the view at tea plantation,strawberry farm. • Go to Tangkuban Perahu volcano crater. • Go to Ciater. • Have lunch at Kampung Daun Traditional resto. • Have Dinner at north of Bandung such as Traditional food etc. Bandung Package2 (BDO2): • Going to Pasar Baru. • Going to Factory Outlet (FO). • Jl Setiabudi : Rumah Mode, Diaz. • Jl Dago : Grande, Blossom, Donatello. • Jl Riau : Heritage, Summit, Terminal Tas. • Have Dinner at the best resto The Valley. Bandung Package3 (BDO3): • Lembang Area, Riung Rangga riding Horse. • Going to Tangkuban Perahu volcano. • Going to Ciater Spa. • Going to Factory Outlet (FO). • Jl Dago : Grande, Donatello. • Jl Setiabudi : Rumah Mode, Natural, Donatello. • Jl Riau : Heritage, Carcade, Stamp. • Visit Angklung Udjo. • Have Dinner at The Stone Cafe.

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