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Oleh: NGH Hypnotherapy Training Bandung / Pelatihan Hipnoterapi Bandung  21/07/2012
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NGH Private Hypnotherapist Training ini dirancang khusus untuk Anda yang ingin mempelajari dan mendalami hypnotherapy secara baik dan benar dengan waktu training yang fleksibel dan disesuaikan dengan jadual kegiatan Anda. Metode pembelajaran “one on one” ini telah banyak diikuti oleh para psikolog, psikiater, dokter, maupun professional lain yang memiliki jadual kegiatan yang padat. Adapun materi training yang diberikan, meliputi: HYPNOTHERAPIST PRIVATE COURSE OUTLINE: • Introduction To Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Classical and modern principles of inducing hypnosis Working model of the mind, including unconscious, subconscious, conscious and critical factors. • Preliminary Suggestibility Tests Magnetic fingers Hand Clasp Test Pendulum Test Hands Rising And Falling Test • Recognition and Classification of Subjects Permissive or authoritarian approaches to meet the needs of different clients Age considerations Vocational Considerations Other background and historical considerations • Favorable and Unfavorable Influences and Dangers of Hypnosis How your clients beliefs and concerns about hypnosis affect your sessions How to prepare clients for sessions How to create trust and rapport with your clients • Establishing And Testing Trance Depth Classical approaches to hypnosis such as progressive relaxation Modern inductions such as instant and rapid inductions (e.g., Dave Elman, etc.) Spontaneous Affect Triggered Hypnotic Induction Testing hypnosis depth with overt and hidden tests • Suggestion Management and Techniques Writing and delivering effective hypnotic suggestions How to make hypnotic suggestions more powerful than direct suggestion alone • Mechanical Aids Chevreul’s Pendulum, and other instruments Audio tapes and other electronic devices are discussed • Deepening Techniques Classical deepening techniques Using depth tests to deepen hypnosis Self-deepening and causing the environment to deepen trance Waking suggestion, and more. • Anesthesia Management Creating analgesia and anesthesia Working with doctors and other medical professionals • Using Hypnosis Scripts and Outlines Appropriate use of scripts and outlines Writing scripts and script delivery Obtaining scripts Working without a script • Over View of Hypnotherapy How the mind responds to hypnotherapy How to avoid the rejection of hypnotic suggestion and get lasting change The role of emotional factors in hypnotherapy The role of classical conditioning in hypnotherapy • Hypnotic Suggestion In Hypnotherapy Helping clients move toward health and positive personal change with hypnotic suggestion When and how to deliver therapeutic hypnotic suggestion View Video of Therapeutic Application Group Hypnosis and Practice of Self-Hypnosis • Hypnotic Age Regression As A Powerful Hypnotherapy How to reliably do hypnotic age regression How to do revivification (have a client re-experience a past event) How to uncover the source of the problem (Initial Sensitizing Event) How to use age regression to remove the problem and help the client How to use age regression and hypnotic suggestion together How to avoid most common mistakes in age regression, such as causing false memories How to do the Informed Child Technique and Informed Adult Technique Group Hypnosis and Practice of Self-Hypnosis • Hypnotic Therapies To Aid In Forgiveness and Emotional Healing How to do “Chair Therapy” a useful gestalt therapy, in the hypnotherapeutic process How to turn forgiveness into a powerful therapeutic tool How to apply the necessary principles of forgiveness and hypnotic suggestion together • Using Forgiveness Of Self In Hypnotherapy Ten Keys To Forgiveness Reframing Past Mistakes As Protecting the Self Self-Forgiveness And Removing Old Self-Defeating Patterns Self-Forgiveness And Achieving New Goals In Life View Video of Therapeutic Application • Hypnotic Therapies for Internal Conflict and Secondary Gain Issues How to do Parts Therapy (conventional) How to do Parts Mediation Therapy How to use Parts Mediation Therapy to overcome internal conflict and secondary gain issues • Demonstration and Practice Live demonstration and supervised practice of hypnotic induction, deepening, testing, hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestion Live demonstration and supervised practice of hypnotic age regression (and other techniques as time permits) • Setting Up Your Practice and Organization Organizing your office (forms, procedures, shortcuts and systems, for success) Answering the telephone and making appointments Advertising, marketing and free promotion of your business Letting other professionals know about your business or service, such as physicians and psychologists Working with, and how to get referrals from medical, psychological and other professionals.

Kata kunci: Achmad Ridwan Soedirjo, Hypnotherapy, Terapi Hipnosis,

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