Metal Laser Cutting & Engraving

Metal Laser Cutting & Engraving dari Estha Workshop

Oleh: Estha Workshop  28/10/2010
Kata kunci: Laser Cutting, Jasa Laser Cutting, Metal Laser Cutting

Metal is much stronger than acrylic in same thickness material category. Also metal such as stainless steel have property that acrylic doesn’t that is stainless steel can shine brightly under direct light source. This property can make metal such as stainless steel much more eye catching than acrylic.

With this reason, our laser services divisions have accumulated enough experience to produce high quality product with high precision to be used as machine or laboratory component. Also with eye catching property of stainless steel we can also produce specialize hotel room number that have been used by five star rate hotel in Indonesia.

Kata kunci: Jasa Laser Cutting, Laser Cutting, Metal Laser Cutting