Acrylic Awards & Trophy

Oleh: Estha Workshop  28/10/2010
Kata kunci: Acrylic Awards

Acrylic without a doubt is the most versatile material; it is many times stronger than glass, making it much more impact resistant and therefore safer. Also acrylic has clarity that can’t be surpassed by glass.
We can create simply yet elegant awards with combination of clear acrylic material and laser engraving process. With this process we could engrave any writing and logo for you to be incorporated.

f clear acrylic doesn’t suit with your taste, we also have gloss or dove acrylic with wide arrange of color selection. With multi color selection we can make an award that will match with your memorial theme.
Also we can combine print on material technology with your award to give more information to the receiver. With this technology you can incorporate any logo with high detail.

Kata kunci: Acrylic Awards