Heater Element

Oleh: Cipta Karya Mandiri Engineering  26/07/2009

Cipta Karya Mandiri, has achieving a position Producing, Procesing, and Marketing, of all kind of heating element and those Equipment using heating Technology. It has been Five years of hard work, and Cipta Karya Mandiri commited to providing Industrial process with, Quality & Precise Heating Element, Temperature Measurement,Accessories and Spare parts ; benefiting longer service life,fater response time and high accuracy

  • Tubullar Heater ; Is the most general form of heating element and the basic type to make many other element,Tubullar heater also have many usages , shape and type of pipe & material ( stainless stell, Incoloy, ceramic, or Quartz.)

  • Immersion ; The Heater Element that are design to be installed into sheet metal container, tank, vats ect. Immersion Heater is fitted using mounting bushes ,to a common terminal box where temperature control system & other safety control contactors are instaled.

  • Cartidge Heater ; Constructed especially where resistance wire positioned in maximum cloceness to the sheath and insulated by MGO tube. Catridge Heater use most in die block,moulds, platens, heat sealing tools, hot plate etc

  • Mica Strips Heater ; Strip, band, Nozzle heater contracted from nickel-chorome resistance wire coiled on a former or mica sheet, shaped to swat many varying equipment of dimension and heat of capacity. Most used on plastic injection and extrusion barrels and nozzle blow modules pipe ,holding tanks, drums and many other surface heating application.

  • Cast- In Heater ; Are manufactured with a Tubullar heater as its heat source .Alumunium ,Iron, Copper, Brass are cast-in under special techniques. The advantages : simple mounting , Thermal efficiency, by even distribution ,lower power consumption

  • Infra Red ; Made of alloy nickel and chromium compoud, high temperature and strong intensity of radiant thermal energy.

  • Oven ; The Oven you need is the one we make feature :
  1. Special high efficiency heater element to ensure maximum power and durability,yet saving $$$ saving
  2. Special heat proof air flow circulation system assuring the best drying/ backing process
  3. Multiple safety devices for maximum safety
  • Furnace ; W have experienced a growing demand for more economical custom build equipment, particulary for expanding high technologi industries .
We make too some Ceramic isolator , Insulation Material Refractory, Thermoco.