Secubio AK400 waktu kehadiran biometrik keamanan sistem

Secubio AK400 waktu kehadiran biometrik keamanan sistem dari Secubio(indonesia) PVT

Oleh: Secubio(indonesia) PVT  25/02/2011
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   Secubio AK400—TCP/IP Fingerprint & RFID time attendance system
Features :
1-Stainless steel surface of time attendance reader with sturdy and durable module(Comfortable handle and Excellent smooth)    
2- TCP/IP, USB flash download, SD card upload/download’s interface for data transfer management is standard available,          
3- Having simple access control function, which can be connected with EM lock, magnetic door lock, Release button, Alarm, Controlling door         
4- Embedded backup battery, Over 4 hours automatic power supply to time attendance reader, No worry about emergency situation when the power off in the office,      
5- Software is easy to use with high efficient, which is your good assistant for time attendance management,      
6- Neutro-packing or OEM customization box as you like to choose freely, 30pcs order is free for OEM with customers’ own brand logo,

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