Mimaki CG-160FXII Cutting Plotter 63-inch

Mimaki CG-160FXII Cutting Plotter 63-inch dari TOP PRINTER

Oleh: TOP PRINTER  06/10/2012
Kata kunci: Offset Printing, Printer

Product Description :

Mimaki's CG-FXII Series cutting plotters offer precision contour cutting, half cutting and die cutting to make stickers, labels, decals, and more.

High speed continuous crop mark detection
An optical sensor enables automatic consecutive detection of crop marks throughout the nested image which the Inkjet printer prints, in combination with the automatic adjustment function to obtain precise contour cutting.

Mimaki's proprietary "Half Cut" technology
With the half cut function, the backing sheet is cut, but a few connection points are left to hold the decal in place. The decal can then be easily detached from the rest of the media. Various media without a backing sheet can also be cut.

More Features

    * Selectable clamp pressure with high and low setting ensures accurate cutting of various media.
    * Selectable three jog speeds ensure proper and easy positioning of the head to the point.
    * Over-cut function makes the starting and ending points overlapped, which eliminates uncut portion of the media.
    * Media can be loaded from back or front.
    * Up to 6 rolls of media can be set at once (1 set standard).
    * Plug-in cutting software for CorelDRAW and Illustrator is included.
    * A special adaptor to use commercially available pens and a USB interface are included.

Kata kunci: Offset Printing, Printer