Craft-ROBO CC200-20

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Oleh: TOP PRINTER  06/10/2012
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Product Description :

Craft ROBO is Portable
Craft ROBO is a powerful and sturdy media cutter, scaled down to fit on the desktop and easy enough for anyone to use. Craft ROBO is about fifteen inches long by 6.5 inches deep and 4.25 inches tall, smaller than most inkjet printers. It only weighs 5.5 lbs. Don't be deceived by it's small size. It can handle media up to 11 inches wide by more than 1 yard long, with a cutting area of 8 inches wide by 39 inches in extended mode.

Craft ROBO is Affordable
Craft ROBO has features typically only found on cutting plotters thousands of dollars more expensive. Our engineers have adapted these features to fit Craft ROBO's size and price, making Craft ROBO an excellent value, and the perfect entry level cutter for students, yet powerful and functional enough to satisfy professionals for small desktop sized jobs.

The package includes:
1 Craft ROBO CC200
1 external power supply
(100~240VAC 1.2A input /24VDC 2.0A out)
1 blade holder with 3 blade caps
(0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm)
-    1 6 foot USB 2.0 cable
-    1 Installation Guide
-    1 Application Guide with instructions for three basic projects.
-    1 Software installation CD
(ROBO Master, Craft ROBO Controller and driver, Adobe Illustrator Plug-in Cutting Master ROBO

Kata kunci: Offset Printing, Printer