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Oleh: ekspedisi88 manado  21/02/2010
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expDS88 Logistik
Service Courier Pengiriman Darat Laut dan Udara
Direct. Line : 0819 3399 9319 Manado Fax : 0431 – 874956
www.expds88.indonetwork.co.id email : expdisi88_manado@yahoo.com, ekspedisi88@gmail.com

With this we are dealing with CV.EXPDS88 MANADO EXPRESS shipping services to deliver the offer to cooperate in the delivery of packages or documents through our service, with the advantages of our services and which can be used as follows :

1 ONS (Over Night Service) consignments taken today, and arrived at the destination city tomorrow.
2 SDS (Same Day Service) shipment was picked up today and arrived at the destination city on the same day (certain cities).

3 pick-up service goods by contacting our Customer Service staff CV.EXPDS88 MANADO. Phone / Fax.0431-874, 956, Hp. 081933999319 for pengirirman. The deadline for pick-up day / evening s / d dibarangkatkan hours will be 16:00 o'clock tomorrow morning.

4 Payment can be made by Cash, Invoice / billing for the subscription per month or per week.

5 international services of land and sea cargo

6 PT. OCEAN EXPRESS NUSA ANTAR large number of more efficient cost and service from door to door or to the Poort Poort. DOORING FORWANDING DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL RATES AND SEE THE GREAT PURPOSE Load.

7 For more details, see the catalog on the website OR SEARCH expds88 manado www.expds88.indonetwork.co.id in www.google.co.id in expds88 REMARKS APPENDIX 2

So our offer letter, attention and good cooperation delivered many thanks.

Kata kunci: ekspedisi88 manado http://ekspedisi88.000space.com/