Oleh: Carstensz Expedition  28/05/2010
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Welcome to Carstensz Pyramid Expedition, the most popular expedition in Indonesia.

Carstensz Pyramid is the highest mountain in Australia and Oceania. It is the seven summit in the Seven summits project (7 summits on 7 tallest mountains on 7 Continets). Carstensz Pyramid is situated in west Papua (now named Papua Province Indonesia). This Indonesian Province was called Irian Jaya till 2005.
It lies in New Guinea, which is the world’s second largest island.

Expedition to Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 m) is one of the most exotic mountaineering trips imaginable. It is considered the highest peak of the seventh continent (Australia/Oceania) for climbers attempting the Seven Summits.

The mountain, locally known as Puncak Jaya or “Victory Peak” is located in the western center highlands of West Papua (formerly known as Irian Jaya), which has cultural richness. The locals have had relatively little western influence, the 'stone age' Dani lifestyle and rituals have been able to continue in a somewhat authentic manner.

Today most of the climbers call it Carstensz Pyramid after Jan Carstensz, a Dutch explorer, who was the first European to sight the peak of the mountain in the 1623. In 1962, Heinrich Harrier became the first foreigner to reach the summit of this peak.

Although it is on the equator, at 16,024 feet it is high enough that we had snow and hail on the summit. It also had lots of rain.

Carstensz Pyramid is certainly more challenging than the Kosciuszko of Australia. Its remoteness, jungle environment and technical rock climbing make it a de facto member of the "Seven Summits.

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