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Mahakam Rivers is largest wich divides Province of the east Kalimantan, Indonesia.
This river has become the pulse of life of people in small villages in the upstream, down stream, and along its tributaries. This river crossing area in the west Kutai regency upstream to and downstream of Samarinda.The length of the river reach 920 Km with a width of about 149 - 277 Km2.
Mahakam river has several tributaries, the river Belayan, Lawa river, the river outstreched head, Telen river, and Tenggarong River.

Besides enjoying the beautiful flow of the Mahakam River and the various views that exist in the vicinity, visitors can also enjoy a number of attractions in this area of ​​the Mahakam River. For example, Pesut Mahakam. There are fresh-water dolphin (Irrawaddy Dolphin) are rarely found elsewhere. The dolphins are easily found in certain seasons only. The main habitat of these dolphins is between Muara Kaman until Melak, with the largest population in the Muara Pahu. These dolphins will appear usually in the morning (between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm) or in the afternoon (between 16:00 to 18:00 pm). In addition to dolphins, visitors can also see several types of birds and mammals, such as hornbills, storks Tong-tong, King Prawn, Proboscis Monkey, monkey, otter, and many other wildlife species.

In theMahakamRiver areaalsocontainedasmallislandthatis locatedright inthe middleof the river,namelyPulauKumala.Sizeof thisislandis75hectares.Thevisitorswhowant to headthis locationcanusea cable car(cablecar)orcan also bea boatmotor/ketintingareavailableat thepierTenggarongCity.There area number ofattractiveamenitieson the island,namely:

1. HighTower(SkyTower).Thevisitorscanseepanoramiccityfroma height of75metersTenggarong.

2. Trainsaroundthe island.

3. Cable car(cablecar),whichconnectsTenggarongSeberangwithKumala Island.

4. Laminortraditional houseof Dayak

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