Guest House and Car Rental

Oleh: Terra Cristal Tours & Travel  13/02/2011
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We offer best location accomodation 'Crystall Guest House' in city centre of Banda Aceh, easy acces to Electric Floating ship, Royal Park 'Putri Pahang, Tsunami Museum, Aceh state Museum, tsunami boat on the roof, central market, mountain spring swimmingpool, white sand beaches, river boat and rainforest river. Afternoon enjoy legendary traditional Acehnese Dance, saman, Likok Pulo and Seudati.
Enjoy a tour package only car rent and discount accomodation at Renggali Hotel by the 'Laut Tawar Lake' and acces to Orang Utan at Ketambe Alas National Park or Bukit Lawang.
Try succulent Acehnese traditional culinary 'Ayam Tangkap, Bu sie Kameng, Gulai Ayam Kampung, Nasi Briani, Engkot Paya, Rujak Aceh, Roti Srikaya, various coffee shop' city of thousand coffee shop'.
Swim, snorkel or dive at Sabang to explore underwater tropical fish, WW2 ship and plane wreck. Find various rare species turtle, giant 1 meter clam.

Kata kunci: Agen perjalanan, sewa kendaraan, tur dan travel, Vila akomodasi