Zeiss Humphrey FDT 710 Visual Field

Zeiss Humphrey FDT 710 Visual Field dari Andalko Buana

Oleh: Andalko Buana  18/06/2011
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The Humphrey FDT Perimeter uses Welch Allyn Frequency Doubling Technology to provide a clinically verified, fast and affordable means of detecting early visual field loss. The perimeter is the ideal glaucoma screening device because it conducts supra-threshold testing in only 35 seconds per eye.

* Provides the eyecare professional with a rapid, clinically verified and affordable method for the detection of visual field loss.
* With minimal set-up time and test times as low as 45 seconds, the Humphrey FDT is fast enough to screen all of your patients
* For positive screening results, threshold tests provide additional diagnostic information
* The 19-pound tabletop Humphrey FDT is portable, easy to operate, and can be used in normal lighting conditions and without trial lens correction.

Kata kunci: Lab equipments

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