Nikon Eclipse E400 Microscope

Nikon Eclipse E400 Microscope dari Andalko Buana

Oleh: Andalko Buana  18/06/2011
Kata kunci: Lab equipments

The Nikon Eclipse E400 is a comfortable, stable and compact. The Eclipse supports comfort and convenience over extended periods of time because it is designed to allow a natural sitting posture when in use. The Advanced Ergonomic Design allows adjustment of the binocular tube with respect to both eyepiece tilt angle and the eyepiece length to accomodate a range of individual operators. The Eclipse will produce sharp images with high resolution and contrast in all magnifications.

Nikon Eclipse e400 Microscope with: ABBE 0.90 condenser, built in iris, blue filter, Nikon E Plan 4x/0.10, Nikon E Plan 10x/0.25, Nikon Plan 20x/0.40, Nikon E Plan 40x/0.65, Nikon E Plan 100x/1.25 oil, Mechanical Rectangular Stage 40 for E400/600, Nikon Trinocular Head, 2 CFI 10x/20 Oculars, Power cord. The pelican case with microscope in it is really heavy (50 pounds).

Kata kunci: Lab equipments

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