Sram Rival TT500 Groupset 2010

Sram Rival TT500 Groupset 2010 dari Bike Part Store

Oleh: Bike Part Store  04/04/2012
Kata kunci: Toko sepeda, mountain bike, Forks

The Sram Rival TT 500 Groupset is a perfect partner to any frame build up with many options available. Rival TT groupset is Sleek, Sexy, Black finish for the stealth Tri /TT speed machine Chainset Inculdes English GXP bottom Bracket TT 500 gear shifters include Gear Inner cables NEW Rival OCT black anodised AL-6066 crankset with hollow arms GXP bottom bracket cups Rival rear derailleur with Exact Actuation technology Rival front derailleur New TT500 Bar end Shifters Rival Skeletonized dual pivot brake calipers OpenGlide 10sp cassette SRAM 1030 10sp chain

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