Miche Primato 11v Group Set 2010

Miche Primato 11v Group Set 2010 dari Bike Part Store

Oleh: Bike Part Store  04/04/2012
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New Primato 11 Speeds Group was studied for guarantee professional high level performances. New lightweight alloy Super 11 chainwheels are perfectly compatible with 11 speeds front derailleur, and the 11 speeds Primato cassette is available with different solution suitable for each cyclist: sprocket from 11 teeth to 14 teeth in pole position, then free assembly until 29 teeth last position sprocket. The precision of CNC teeth workings guarantee perfect coupling from sprockets and chain and from chain and chainwheels. The new Syntium wheels are available on request in both Tube (for tubular) or Axy (for clincher) version, with alloy rims assure lightness and maximum rigidity, primary features for the use of Primato 11 Speeds Group in high level competitions. 1540T Syntium Tube Wheels set 1514A Primato Cassette 11 Sp. 120G0 "MT4" Pedals Set 14000 Serie Freni Primato 15??? 11 Sp. Chain 17004 Front & Rear Athena Primato 11 Sp. Derailleur 190C1 Primato Carbon Evo Max Crank Set 1990 Primato Evo Light Bottom Bracket F203N X Carbon Clamp

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