HED H3D Tubular Wheelset

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Oleh: Bike Part Store  04/04/2012
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What is the H3D? The H3D is built by applying HED's Jet 9 aero rim section to the standard H3. When was the H3D first developed? The H3D has been in production since 2007 but those of you with sharp eyes might recall the memorable moment in the 2005 Tour de France when Lance Armstrong passed Jan Ullrich in the opening prologue while astride a front H3D. Steve Hed actually flew it With an approving nod from Big Tex, So HED began to work on a production model. Why ride the H3D vs. the standard H3? There are two particular scenarios where the H3D has an advantage over the H3. 1. Used as a front wheel the H3D is faster than the H3 out to 10 degrees of wind yaw angle. Generally this means that 25mph and faster riders will get a benefit from the H3D because at these speeds yaw angles are generally low. At higher yaw angles the H3 is a faster wheel which is why for the majority of triathletes where speeds are 25mph and less the H3 still tends to have an advantage. 2. When used as a rear wheel the H3D has been proven to faster than any other rear wheel besides a disc. This has been proven over the course of many full bike and rider tests. This makes the rear H3D the ideal choice for events where disc wheels are not allowed or if you that prefer the ride and lighter feel of non disc wheels. It is believed that the blades of the H3 actually help to correct yaw angle winds in the rear of the bike and thus show results that are better than their wheel alone data. Having only been in formal production for 1 year the H3D has been ridden to countless victories including the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Tour de France, Giro d"Italia, World Championships, numerous national TT championships, multiple Ironman races, multiple half Ironman races, and a complete domination on the track at the Six Day races.

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