Campagnolo Bora One Wheelset

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Oleh: Bike Part Store  04/04/2012
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In recent years Bora™ wheels have been widely acknowledged as the most revolutionary among high-profile wheels, so much so that professional riders won't do without them even in the toughest mountain stages. Building on these premises, Campagnolo decided to introduce Bora™ One wheels to make their extraordinary performance available to a larger number of cyclists. The 50mm full carbon rim offers excellent aerodynamic penetration and power transmission. The burnished aero spokes are arranged in a radial pattern on the front wheel and in a G3 pattern on the rear wheel. The new aluminium hubs, specifically designed for this model, adopt the new spoke anti-rotation system to maintain a constant aerodynamic penetration coefficient. Find out what it's like to outdistance your adversaries with the least effort! FEATURES - milled rim - differentiated spokes - ultralinear geometry - nut-plate system with ball coupling - self-locking nuts - dynamic balancing - rear hub with oversize right-hand flange - aluminium hub bodies - cup and cone bearings 4x15 balls 5/32" in Grade 10 stainless steel monolithic freewheel body oversize light-alloy axles new quick-releases special brake pads variable section stainless steel aero spokes

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