2010 Campagnolo SUPER Record 11 speed Ultra Shift Group

2010 Campagnolo SUPER Record 11 speed Ultra Shift Group dari Bike Part Store

Oleh: Bike Part Store  04/04/2012
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Campagnolo releases its all new 11 speed rear derailleur to accommodate a wider gear range of 11 speed cassettes including the all new 12-29 cassette. Campagnolo brought back the name Super Record to launch their top of the line collection. Campagnolo Super Record incorporates the latest technology to improve shifting while reducing the overall weight. A Super Record Group weighs in at 1964 grams. The most obvious change is their move to 11 speed. The Super Record cassette features 11 cogs - 6 titanium/5 Steel cogs. Campagnolo also adds Ultra-Shift teeth which looks a shark fin for easier transition of the chain from cog to cog with up-shift optimization. The last two sprocket triplets utilize the Ultra Shift aluminum frame for a 180% increase in torsional rigidity. Super Record is also equipped with CULT (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology) bottom bracket bearings to offer minimum rolling resistance, maximum corrosion resistance and longer service life. Campagnolo uses bottom bracket races made of a special steel (Cronitect) which increases the bearings resistance to corrosion with little maintenance. Campagnolo narrows the chain to 5.5mm and increases its strength by 20 percent. The design of the outer plates aids the front and rear derailleurs to move the chain from gear to gear. Campagnolo has also extended their warranty to four years.

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