City Kurir Handling Cargo Lampung

City Kurir Handling Cargo Lampung dari PT. Arthaperkasa Logistics

Oleh: PT. Arthaperkasa Logistics   23/04/2011
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ARTHAPERKASA Logistics is the Logistics and Transportation company in Bandar Lampung. We are fully known and cover all sub/province on Lampung area.

Here is our new service:
City Courier Lampung. We understand that logistics can’t be separated by daily activities. That’s why Arthaperkasa Logistics now get to start a new field but still in the main business: City Courier Lampung. We are more professional, stronger and reliable. We’ll give you better service for continous cooperation.

About cargo handling tarrif or more about our service: City Courier Lampung, Cargo Handling and other, dont be hesitate to contact us at +62-721-785463.

Best regards//Arthalogistics Management

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