Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment dari PT. VSR Indonesia

Oleh: PT. VSR Indonesia  03/03/2016
Kata kunci: Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT)

The “New Generation” Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT) equipment is based on Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducer (PCT) technology and was first developed by Sunbowtec in 1995 and recognised internationally, it is the new direction of UIT technology. UIT was invented in Rusia in 1972. Since then UIT has been the subject of considerable research to substantiate the beneficial effect of the process with respect to fatique performance. Many research institutes such as The Paton Institute (UA), Tiajin University (PRC), Leigh University (USA) and The Laboratory of Steel Structures (USA) for example have conducted extencive research on the UIT process aimed at improving the fatigue performance of highway structures such as Steel Bridges, Traffic Signals and Light Poles. Such work has demonstrated that the fatigue performance of as-welded structures can be improved with the application of the UIT process. The UIT equipment consists of a Power Control Unit and Ultrasonic Impact Gun. The UIT process works by converting harmonic resonations of a acoustically tuned body energised by an ultrasonic of an acoustically tuned body energised by an ultrasonic transducer into mechanical impulses imparted into the surface of the material being treated. In the conversion process the energising transducer has frequency of 20 kHz.

Kata kunci: Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT)

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