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Oleh: PT. VSR Indonesia  03/03/2016
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Introducing our elegantly simple, ultra reliable bore welder The BOA-408i Bore Welder. The BOA-408i automatic bore welding system is designed for users who demand durability, ease of setup and precision without unnecessary complication.It will provide you with a means of repairing worn bores on all types of equipment in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Standard Capabilities I.D Weld range: 20mm-533mm. Stroke: 178mm. Standard-duration welding. Adjustable mounting feature enabling stand-alone operation or use with any boring bar. Pass-through gun drive with tool-less telescoping feature and full, tool-less reversibility. One-step Integrated Completed Bore Repair Systems BOA - 408i S2 is selected by customers who have large diameters to repair, generally 60mm up to as large as 533mm The BOA-408i S2 can be center-mounted and can weld out either end of the machine with one simple operation, without ever losing system centre. Standard equipment Welding gun positioner 120v/240v AC, automatic Standard stroke telescopic ball spindle Standard weld gun assembly Standard conduit with remote weld switch Standard gun extension tube assembly Micro weld gun assembly Weld gun extension 254mm Bore welder support tube Radial support arm Tool kit Standard consumable kit Users and setup manual Adjustable “T” base and tack plate kit Large diameter welding gun 200mm Radial extender for large diameter reach Handheld welding gun with quick connect

Kata kunci: BORE REPAIR

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