copper clad steel wire(CCS)

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Dear Sir or Madam:
Our factory specializes in the production of copper steel and aluminum products. We export our products to North America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia etc.Our factory specialist for manufacturing and supplying copper clad aluminum wire (CCA), copper clad aluminum rectangular wire(CCA rectangular wire),copper clad aluminum magnesium alloy wire(CCAM),tin-plating copper clad aluminum wire (TCCA),copper clad steel wire (CCS)(high tensile strength),tin-plating copper clad steel wire (CP),Aluminum Magnesium alloy wire(AL),Enameled Copper coated aluminum wire, Enameled aluminum wire , Zinc Wire, Black Annealed Wire,RedBlue Speaker Cable, Transparent Speaker Cable, Transparent Power Cable, telephone wire, cable printer tape(ribbon).
We are the production enterprise; the price is moderate enough and is almost cost price. We also have a serious quality control. We have adopted the SGS certification.
Note: Even if you have a present job, you can still be part of our business as your service to us would not disturb with your working hours at all. We are looking forward to your reply. Best regards.
Arthur Wong.
Export Manager

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