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Oleh: Virlie Engineering Co  10/02/2011
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Temperature Indicating Kit
Designed for researchers, experimenters and technicians who frequently work with heat related operations. Provides information needed for determining the proper temperatures for welding, heat treating, soldering, brazing and other operations involved in the fabrication of most metals. In addition, the kit provides information for measuring preheat, interpass and postweld heat treatment temperatures.

The kit contains 20 mini Tempilstik temperature indicators spaced systematically spaced between 125 deg F (52 deg C) and 800 deg F (427 deg C).

Temperature Ratings
125°F 52°C
150°F 66°C
175°F 79°C
200°F 93°C
225°F 107°C
250°F 121°C
275°F 135°C
300°F 149°C
350°F 177°C
375°F 191°C
400°F 204°C
425°F 218°C
450°F 232°C
475°F 246°C
500°F 260°C
550°F 288°C
600°F 316°C
700°F 371°C
800°F 427°C

Standard Packaging
Kit with 20 mini Tempilstik indicators, Preheating Chart and Basic Guide to Ferrous Metallurgy.

Basic Guide to Ferrous Metallurgy
A short course in ferrous metallurgy which consists of an iron-carbon equilibrium diagram superimposed over a chart depicting the color of steel at various temperatures. All metallurgy terms are defined and illustrated in various grain structures throughout the heating range. All heat treatment procedures are also briefly described

Kata kunci: Measuring