Attorney at Law of Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia

Oleh: Kantor Pengacara Widjojo CS (Oei Tat Hway)  14/04/2009
Kata kunci: merek, Paten, Desain Industri

Widjojo (Oei Tat Hway) Consultants is one of the largest firms in Indonesia specializing in Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Industrial Designs and related Intellectual Property matters.

The firm's roots are in the early 1950's when a Dutch owned general law firm became wholly Indonesian owned and concentrated on meeting the Intellectual Property needs of clients based both in Indonesia and overseas.

Since then the firm has grown to be one of the leading Intellectual Property firms in Indonesia, enjoying long-term relationships with many national companies and multinational corporations keen to preserve and protect the integrity of their ideas, brands and products.

The success of Widjojo over the decades is the result of an uncompromising focus on quality and an undivided commitment to the needs and interests of our clients. We help them to master the increasingly complex Intellectual Property legal environment, and to secure appropriate intellectual property protection... from initial research, translation, application and registration... through to counseling, renewal, prosecution and, where necessary, litigation.

Our approach, always, is to help our clients preclude infringements before they occur, as taking the necessary preventive measures available under the law is always cheaper than pursuing offenders in the courts.

Kata kunci: Desain Industri, IPR Filing, IPR Litigation, merek, Paten,

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