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Oleh: Trans Megah Services  11/10/2012
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WELCOME TO : TRANS MEGAH SAKTI CARGO.PT Trans Megah Sakti Cargo PT began its operation in 2001 as an international air and sea freight forwarding especially for door to door services. After years, as many new business opportunities were explored, we expanded our services & operations. Trans Megah Sakti Cargo PT has its own airfreight division to handle for many years all kind of airfreight shipments and terms like “just-in-time” are known situations to us. With our efficient and responsible management team and also supported by our reputable agent , Wherever your cargo has to fly to or from, we can arrange it with our own agency network to Giving our customer sincerely service is what we pursuit, and it will shown in our staffs perfectly also now able to handle shipments to and from around the world. Choosing superior and better cooperating partners is you right. Choose our company as your partner you will not only attain the successful transportation service grow UP but also enjoy in work and life.

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