CCTV Samsung Indonesia

Oleh: ZenNoss Security & Electrical  31/08/2009
Kata kunci: Cctv, elektrikal, Peranti lunak dan keras sistem akses kontrol

We Provde Samsung CCTV for selling- instalation and service maintenance, We provide Rental Contract for office and project and events

Samsung CCTV with Excellent DVR system ( Avermedia and IDVR series ) resulting high quality of Security system

Call marketing 087877 123328 Andy or email us at :

We also provide Panasonic IP camera for Sell

Access control and other office supplies

Kata kunci: Cctv, CCTV SAMSUNG, elektrikal, kamera jaringan, Peranti lunak dan keras sistem akses kontrol, rental cctv - ip camera,

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